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Michael Li Z. Sediments, Morphology and Sedimentary Processes on Continental Shelves. Advances in technologies, research applications (Special Publication 44 of the IAS)

The application of multibeam and sediment transport measurement technologies and the adoption of multi-faceted research methodologies have greatly advanced our understanding of the sedimentary processes on continental shelves in the last decade. This book uniquely blends cutting-edge research and state-of-the art review articles that take stock of new advances in multibeam mapping and sediment transport technologies, spatial analysis and modelling, and the applications of these advances to the understanding of shelf sediments, morphodynamics, and sedimentary processes. Case studies are also presented to illustrate the utilization of seabed property and process knowledge in habitat mapping and ocean management With its mix of papers focusing on technological advances, integration of shelf morphology and processes, and the application of these advances to coastal and ocean management, this Special Publication volume will serve as a milestone reference for professional marine scientists and as advanced text for students in marine geology, sedimentology and oceanography. This book is part of the International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS) Special Publications. The Special Publications from the IAS are a set of thematic volumes edited by specialists on subjects of central interest to sedimentologists. Papers are reviewed and printed to the same high standards as those published in the journal Sedimentology and several of these volumes have become standard works of reference.

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Kenneth Kodama P. Paleomagnetism of Sedimentary Rocks. Process and Interpretation

This book describes the paleomagnetism of sediments and sedimentary rocks, how sediments and sedimentary rocks become magnetized, and how the physical and chemical processes involved can affect the accuracy of paleomagnetism. Topics covered include depositional and post-depositional remanence acquisition, the detection and correction of compaction-caused inclination shallowing, reduction diagenesis of magnetic minerals, chemical remagnetization, and rotation of remanence by grain-scale rock strain. The book also has a chapter on environmental paleomagnetism, including examples of the new technique of high-resolution rock magnetic cyclostratigraphy and its application to sedimentary sequences. By emphasising the accuracy of sedimentary paleomagnetism and the magnitude of post-depositional processes that can affect it, the book will be invaluable in the geologic interpretation of sedimentary paleomagnetic data. Paleomagnetism of Sedimentary Rocks will be welcomed by paleomagnetists, students of paleomagnetism and all Earth scientists who use sedimentary paleomagnetic data in their research. Additional resources for this book can be found at: www.wiley.com/go/kodama/paleomagnetism.

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Kevin Pickering T. Deep Marine Systems. Processes, Deposits, Environments, Tectonics and Sedimentation

Deep-water (below wave base) processes, although generally hidden from view, shape the sedimentary record of more than 65% of the Earth’s surface, including large parts of ancient mountain belts. This book aims to inform advanced-level undergraduate and postgraduate students, and professional Earth scientists with interests in physical oceanography and hydrocarbon exploration and production, about many of the important physical aspects of deep-water (mainly deep-marine) systems. The authors consider transport and deposition in the deep sea, trace-fossil assemblages, and facies stacking patterns as an archive of the underlying controls on deposit architecture (e.g., seismicity, climate change, autocyclicity). Topics include modern and ancient deep-water sedimentary environments, tectonic settings, and how basinal and extra-basinal processes generate the typical characteristics of basin slopes, submarine canyons, contourite mounds and drifts, submarine fans, basin floors and abyssal plains.

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James Best L. A Field Guide to the Carboniferous Sediments of Shannon Basin, Western Ireland

The Carboniferous Shannon Basin of Western Ireland has become one of the most visited field areas in the world. It provides an ideal opportunity for examining a wide range of ancient sedimentary environments, including carbonate shelf, reefs and mud mounds, black shales and phosphates, and a spectrum of deep sea, shallow marine, fluvio-deltaic and alluvial siliciclastic sediments. The area boasts extensive outcrops and some of the most renowned sections through turbidites, large-scale soft sediment deformation features and sediments that display a response to tectonic and sea-level controls. This field guide provides the first synthesis of the principal localities in this area of Western Ireland, and presents an easily accessible handbook that will guide the reader to, and within, a wide range of sedimentary facies, allowing an understanding of the evolving nature of the fill of this Carboniferous basin and the context of its sedimentary and tectonic evolution. The guide summarizes recent and new work in the area by a range of authors and outlines issues of current debate concerning the Shannon Basin and its palaeoenvironmental interpretation. The field guide will find extensive use in teaching and research by academic researchers, professional and amateur geologists, as well as by applied geologists, geophysicists and reservoir engineers who use these outcrops as analogues for subsurface reservoirs in many areas of the world.

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Barbara Romanowicz Lithospheric Discontinuities

A multidisciplinary update on continental plate tectonics and plate boundary discontinuities Understanding the origin and evolution of the continental crust continues to challenge Earth scientists. Lithospheric Discontinuities offers a multidisciplinary review of fine scale layering within the continental lithosphere to aid the interpretation of geologic layers. Once Earth scientists can accurately decipher the history, internal dynamics, and evolution of the continental lithosphere, we will have a clearer understanding of how the crust formed, how plate tectonics began, and how our continents became habitable. Volume highlights: Theories and observations of the current state of tectonic boundaries and discontinuities Contributions on field observations, laboratory experiments, and geodynamic predictions from leading experts in the field Mantle fabrics in response to various mantle deformation processes Insights on fluid distribution using geophysical observations, and thermal and viscosity constraints from dynamic modeling Discontinuities associated with lithosphere and lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary An integrated study of the evolving physical and chemical processes associated with lithosphere asthenosphere interaction Written for academic and researchgeoscientists, particularly in the field of tectonophysics, geophysicists, geodynamics, seismology, structural geology, environmental geology, and geoengineering, Lithospheric Discontinuities is a valuable resource that sheds light on the origin and evolution of plate interaction processes.

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Denis Bosq Mathematical Statistics and Stochastic Processes

Generally, books on mathematical statistics are restricted to the case of independent identically distributed random variables. In this book however, both this case AND the case of dependent variables, i.e. statistics for discrete and continuous time processes, are studied. This second case is very important for today’s practitioners. Mathematical Statistics and Stochastic Processes is based on decision theory and asymptotic statistics and contains up-to-date information on the relevant topics of theory of probability, estimation, confidence intervals, non-parametric statistics and robustness, second-order processes in discrete and continuous time and diffusion processes, statistics for discrete and continuous time processes, statistical prediction, and complements in probability. This book is aimed at students studying courses on probability with an emphasis on measure theory and for all practitioners who apply and use statistics and probability on a daily basis.

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Mike Leeder R. Sedimentology and Sedimentary Basins. From Turbulence to Tectonics

The sedimentary record on Earth stretches back more than 4.3 billion years and is present in more abbreviated forms on companion planets of the Solar System, like Mars and Venus, and doubtless elsewhere. Reading such planetary archives correctly requires intimate knowledge of modern sedimentary processes acting within the framework provided by tectonics, climate and sea or lake level variations. The subject of sedimentology thus encompasses the origins, transport and deposition of mineral sediment on planetary surfaces. The author addresses the principles of the subject from the viewpoint of modern processes, emphasising a general science narrative approach in the main text, with quantitative background derived in enabling ‘cookie’ appendices. The book ends with an innovative chapter dealing with how sedimentology is currently informing a variety of cognate disciplines, from the timing and extent tectonic uplift to variations in palaeoclimate. Each chapter concludes with a detailed guide to key further reading leading to a large bibliography of over 2500 entries. The book is designed to reach an audience of senior undergraduate and graduate students and interested academic and industry professionals.

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Alsharhan Abdulrahman S. Quaternary Carbonate and Evaporite Sedimentary Facies Their Ancient Analogues. A Tribute to Douglas James Shearman (Special Publication 43 of the IAS)

This book is part of the International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS) Special Publications. The Special Publications from the IAS are a set of thematic volumes edited by specialists on subjects of central interest to sedimentologists. Papers are reviewed and printed to the same high standards as those published in the journal Sedimentology and several of these volumes have become standard works of reference. This volume commemorates the eclectic research of Douglas James Shearman into evaporites, which was initiated by his studies of the prograding UAE coastal sabkhas or salt flats that incorporate evaporite minerals which displace and replace earlier carbonate sediments. His subsequent proselytization of the study of ancient evaporites in sedimentary sections all over the world led to fundamental advances in our understanding of arid zone carbonate sedimentology. The papers presented here are based on presentations made in Abu Dhabi, UAE 12-14th October 2004 and 7th –8th November 2006. They provide a retrospective from the 1960s and 70s of Holocene evaporites and carbonates, recapturing Shearmans contribution by revisiting the Holocene coastal evaporite and carbonate sediments of the Arabian/Persian Gulf from Abu Dhabi, Qatar, and Oman. The first set of papers considers these sediments from the perspective of their coastal geomorphology, sedimentary character and their geochemistry. Later papers examine the significance of these settings in the ancient geological section world-wide, including examples from the Mesozoic-Cenozoic of the Moroccan Atlantic margin and the Upper Jurassic Arab Formation of the Arabian Gulf.

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Antonio Pizzi Lignocellulosic Fibers and Wood Handbook. Renewable Materials for Todays Environment

This book will focus on lignocellulosic fibres as a raw material for several applications. It will start with wood chemistry and morphology. Then, some fibre isolation processes will be given, before moving to composites, panel and paper manufacturing, characterization and aging.

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Jones Brian Origin of Carbonate Sedimentary Rocks

This textbook provides an overview of the origin and preservation of carbonate sedimentary rocks. The focus is on limestones and dolostones and the sediments from which they are derived. The approach is general and universal and draws heavily on fundamental discoveries, arresting interpretations, and keystone syntheses that have been developed over the last five decades. The book is designed as a teaching tool for upper level undergraduate classes, a fundamental reference for graduate and research students, and a scholarly source of information for practicing professionals whose expertise lies outside this specialty. The approach is rigorous, with every chapter being designed as a separate lecture on a specific topic that is encased within a larger scheme. The text is profusely illustrated with all colour diagrams and images of rocks, subsurface cores, thin sections, modern sediments, and underwater seascapes. Additional resources for this book can be found at: www.wiley.com/go/james/carbonaterocks

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Allen John R. Basin Analysis. Principles and Application to Petroleum Play Assessment

Basin Analysis is an advanced undergraduate and postgraduate text aimed at understanding sedimentary basins as geodynamic entities. The rationale of the book is that knowledge of the basic principles of the thermo-mechanical behaviour of the lithosphere, the dynamics of the mantle, and the functioning of sediment routing systems provides a sound background for studying sedimentary basins, and is a pre-requisite for the exploitation of resources contained in their sedimentary rocks. The third edition incorporates new developments in the burgeoning field of basin analysis while retaining the successful structure and overall philosophy of the first two editions. The text is divided into 4 parts that establish the geodynamical environment for sedimentary basins and the physical state of the lithosphere, followed by a coverage of the mechanics of basin formation, an integrated analysis of the controls on the basin-fill and its burial and thermal history, and concludes with an application of basin analysis principles in petroleum play assessment, including a discussion of unconventional hydrocarbon plays. The text is richly supplemented by Appendices providing mathematical derivations of a wide range of processes affecting the formation of basins and their sedimentary fills. Many of these Appendices include practical exercises that give the reader hands-on experience of quantitative solutions to important basin analysis processes. Now in full colour and a larger format, this third edition is a comprehensive update and expansion of the previous editions, and represents a rigorous yet accessible guide to problem solving in this most integrative of geoscientific disciplines. Additional resources for this book can be found at: www.wiley.com/go/allen/basinanalysis.

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George Michael слушать бесплатно онлайн музыку без ...

Джордж Майкл (англ. George Michael, урожденный - Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou; род. 25 июня 1963 г., Великобритания, г. Лондон) — британский певец ...

Michael Kiwanuka, Live In Concert : NPR

Jul 22, 2013 · Michael Kiwanuka's voice sometimes seems to glide out of another era entirely — he frequently brings to mind the sepia-toned grace of Marvin Gaye or Sam Cooke — but his music is no mere throwback. Still in his mid-20s, the Londoner conjures up the feel of vintage soul, but it's in ...

Песни на английском языке с субтитрами слушать …

Песни на английском языке в сопровождении с текстами на английском языке - отличный способ учить английский язык.

Michael Kiwanuka (@michaelkiwanuka) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from Michael Kiwanuka (@michaelkiwanuka). Singer Songwriter from North London. London

Кристофер Аткинс — фильмы — КиноПоиск

Кристофер Аткинс (Christopher Atkins). Фильмография, фото, интересные факты из жизни и многое другое на КиноПоиске. Полный список фильмов и совместных работы с другими актерами и …

Michael Kiwanuka - Cold Little Heart (Live Session Video)

Michael Kiwanuka - Cold Little Heart (Live Session Video)...

Michael Kiwanuka Tell Me A Tale (Live At Hackney Round Chapel, 2012 ...

Michael Kiwanuka's Tell Me A Tale (Live At Hackney Round Chapel, 2012) music video in high definition. Learn the full song lyrics at MetroLyrics.

Michael Kiwanuka Upcoming Shows — Live Nation

Find all tickets for all Michael Kiwanuka upcoming shows. Discover Michael Kiwanuka concert details and information. Explore Michael Kiwanuka photos, videos, and more from past shows.

Michael Kiwanuka - I'Ll Get Along (Live) Lyrics

Michael Kiwanuka - I`ll Get Along (Live) Lyrics. I know I didn't call But I'll be alone in a little while You know sometimes when I don't call I still get along in a little while I know so

Michael Kiwanuka Tickets, Tour Dates 2019 & Concerts - Songkick

Buy tickets for an upcoming Michael Kiwanuka concert near you. List of all Michael Kiwanuka tickets and tour dates for 2019.

Michael Kiwanuka Radio: Listen to Free Music & Get The Latest Info ...

Listen to Michael Kiwanuka Radio, free! Stream songs by Michael Kiwanuka & similar artists plus get the latest info on Michael Kiwanuka!

Careless Whisper — George Michael. Слушать онлайн на Яндекс ...

Текст песни: I feel so unsure, As I take your hand, And lead you to the dance floor, As the music dies,

Michael Kiwanuka Rule The World - Live Session Rule The World - Live ...

Michael Kiwanuka's Rule The World - Live Session music video in high definition. Learn the full song lyrics at MetroLyrics.

Love & Hate by Michael Kiwanuka on Spotify

Love & Hate By Michael Kiwanuka. 2016 • 10 songs. Play on Spotify. 1. Cold Little Heart. ... (RSD 2018 / Live) Spotify Sessions. Home Again. Cold Little Heart (Radio Edit) Cold Little Heart (Tom Misch Remix) More Michael Kiwanuka. Listen to Love & Hate now. Listen to Love & Hate in full in the ...

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Популярные хиты 80. Золотая коллекция хитов 1980. Подборка самых популярных зарубежных и русских хитов в период 1980 - 1989 годов.

Michael Kiwanuka music, videos, stats, and photos | Last.fm

Listen to music from Michael Kiwanuka like Cold Little Heart - Radio Edit, Cold Little Heart & more. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Michael Kiwanuka.

George Michael | Переводы и тексты песен | Слушать альбомы ...

Переводы песен George Michael. Лучшие переводы на сайте lyrsense.com. Читайте переводы, слушайте любимые песни онлайн.

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Michael Kiwanuka. Live (LP). Лучшие цены! Быстрая доставка по всей России! Более 100.000 товаров в наличии. Заходите!

George Michael (Джордж Майкл) — скачать песни и слушать ...

Песни «George Michael (Джордж Майкл)» слушать онлайн и скачать бесплатно.

Michael Kiwanuka - Cold Little Heart (Live Session Video) - YouTube

Category Music; Song Cold Little Heart; Artist Michael Kiwanuka; Licensed to YouTube by UMG (on behalf of ABKCO); AMRA, CMRRA, LatinAutor - Warner Chappell, PEDL, UBEM, Warner Chappell, Kobalt Music Publishing, UMPI, LatinAutor, ASCAP, and 17 Music Rights Societies

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Радио 7 на семи холмах плейлист. Скоро Вы сможете слушать онлайн весь список песен из плейлиста, и скачивать их бесплатно.

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Эта кисточка похожа на кисть для тональной основы по форме, но она меньше по размеру.

Michael Kiwanuka - Listen on Deezer | Music Streaming

Michael Kiwanuka - Listen toMichael Kiwanuka on Deezer. With music streaming on Deezer you can discover more than 53 million tracks, create your own playlists, and share your favourite tracks with your friends.

Homepage - Michael Kiwanuka

MICHAEL KIWANUKA LOVE & HATE THE NEW ALBUM OUT NOW 12/04/2019: Zermatt Unplugged: Zermatt, Switzerland: Tickets: 07/06/2019: NorthSide Festival: Aarhaus, Denmark: Tickets: 22/06/2019: Usadba Jazz Festival: Moscow, Russia: Tickets: 06/07/2019: Festival Cruilla:

Cлушать музыку George Michael онлайн. Биография George ...

Слушайте онлайн лучшие песни George Michael. Биография и фото ... В 1990 г. музыкант выпустил альбом "Listen Without Prejudice, Vol.I", 15 сентября ...

Michael Kiwanuka Michael Kiwanuka - Live

Michael Kiwanuka Michael Kiwanuka - Live "I and Love and You" Official Music Video

George Michael — слушать онлайн на Яндекс.Музыке

George Michael: Careless Whisper, Jesus to a Child, Somebody to Love и другие песни. Вся дискография, Радио, Концерты, рекомендации и похожие ...

Michael Kiwanuka - скачай бесплатно ... - zvooq.online

Слушай музыку исполнителя Michael Kiwanuka в отличном качестве, скачай новые песни и хиты группы на Zvooq.online!

Michael Kiwanuka - Live Gigs

Upcoming live events, including gig tickets. ... 12/04/2019: Zermatt Unplugged: Zermatt, Switzerland: Tickets: 07/06/2019: NorthSide Festival

Джордж Майкл — Википедия

Джордж Майкл (англ. George Michael, настоящее имя Йо́ргос Кириа́кос Панайо́ту, греч. Γεώργιος Kυριάκος Παναγιώτου; 25 июня 1963, Лондон — 25 декабря 2016, Оксфордшир) — британский певец, поэт и композитор ...

Michael Kiwanuka - Wikipedia

Michael Kiwanuka. Kiwanuka at Rock Werchter, 2012. Background information; ... Michael Samuel Kiwanuka (born 3 May 1987) ... Kiwanuka supported Adele on her Adele Live 2011 tour, as well at her iTunes Festival 2011 gig, ...

Слушать George Michael онлайн - george michael ... - Радио 101

101.ru: Треки и клипы George Michael онлайн в хорошем качестве на 101.ru.

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Чтобы помочь нам разобраться в этой проблеме, нажмите на "Сообщить о проблеме", также, по желанию, вы можете добавить от себя свой комментарий и указать свой …

Michael li z sediments morphology and sedimentary processes on continental. Michael Kiwanuka Rule The World - Live Session Rule The World - Live ...

Michael Kiwanuka's Rule The World - Live Session music video in high definition. Learn the full song lyrics at MetroLyrics.

Michael Kiwanuka - Haldern Pop Festival 2016 - YouTube

Category Entertainment; Song Cold Little Heart (Live) Artist Michael Kiwanuka; Licensed to YouTube by UMG (on behalf of Polydor); AMRA, ASCAP, and 4 Music Rights Societies

Диетическое пирожное - Легкий десерт из …

Рецепт диетических пирожных из творога пригодится любой хозяйке! Особенно молодым мамам, чьи дети ни в какую не хотят употреблять "невкусный" творог.

Michael Kiwanuka - Love & Hate Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Love & Hate is the fifth track on the debut album of the same name by singer-songwriter Michael Kiwanuka.

Подбор музыки - музыка онлайн

Первый сайт, который я вижу написан прямыми руками с офигенным качеством хороших песен, спасибо.

George Michael: музыка, видео, статистика и фотографии | Last.fm

Слушай музыку от George Michael, похожую на Careless Whisper, Faith ... Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael ... Listen Without Prejudice Vol.

Michael Kiwanuka In Concert : NPR

Jun 13, 2012 · Inspired by an Otis Redding outtake, Kiwanuka vowed to make music that sounded raw and authentic. On Home Again, he makes good on that promise, singing heartfelt soul that seems to look back in time while still charging forward. Hear his performance from World Cafe Live in ...

В George Michael: 1914 песен скачать бесплатно в mp3 и ... - z1.fm

В George Michael. Песни В George Michael: найдено 1914 композиций. Рейтинг · Дата .... George Michael - Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1 (2017 Deluxe ...

Киванука, Майкл — Википедия

Майкл Кивану́ка (Michael Kiwanuka; 1987) — британский соул-певец, гитарист. У него подписан контракт с лейблом Communion Records.

Michael Kiwanuka Concert Setlists | setlist.fm

Get Michael Kiwanuka setlists - view them, share them, discuss them with other Michael Kiwanuka fans for free on setlist.fm!

Методическая разработка по английскому языку …

Exercise 2 @ 10. Listen to the text and say why it is important to know a foreign language. It Is Important to Know a Foreign Language. A wise mother-cat and her two little kittens live in an old grey house.

Michael Kiwanuka - Cold Little Heart Live Session 2016 смотреть онлайн ...

Michael Kiwanuka - Cold Little Heart Live Session 2016 смотреть видео онлайн бесплатно в HD качестве без регистрации. Бесплатный сериал и фильм онлайн

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Finger tab: Finger tab (fingerstyle tablature) — это обычная гитарная табулатура, направленная на стилистику фингерстайл исполнения.

George Michael - Last Christmas (волшебный-новогодний ...

31 дек 2014 - 6 мин. - Добавлено пользователем Igor KrutoyОфигенная песня, настолько душевная и теплая, что может растопить самые холодные сердца. Одна из лучших на новый год.

Michael li z sediments morphology and sedimentary processes on continental. Michael Kiwanuka - Live Gigs

Upcoming live events, including gig tickets. ... 12/04/2019: Zermatt Unplugged: Zermatt, Switzerland: Tickets: 07/06/2019: NorthSide Festival

Michael Kiwanuka - Home | Facebook

Michael Kiwanuka. 213K likes. Get Love & Hate: http://po.st/EHuenv Apple Music: http://po.st/dAXUi4 Listen to Black Man In A White World:...

Live Lounge Michael Kiwanuka - Radio 1 - BBC

Unique performances from a range of established and breakthrough artists.

Michael Kiwanuka Cold Little Heart Live Session Video ... - mp3bears.live

Listen and Download Michael Kiwanuka Cold Little Heart Live Session Video mp3 - Up to date free Michael Kiwanuka Cold Little Heart Live Session Video songs by Mp3bears.live

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Виниловые пластинки мало кого оставляют равнодушным. Самый романтичный и задушевный носитель музыки мы можем его встретить в родительской коллекции или классических кинолентах.

Перевод Michael Kiwanuka - Cold Little Heart и текст песни

Текст, перевод песни Michael Kiwanuka - Cold Little Heart слова, видео

Michael Kiwanuka - New Songs, Playlists & Latest News - BBC - Home

The BBC artist page for Michael Kiwanuka. Find the best clips, watch programmes, catch up on the news, and read the latest Michael Kiwanuka interviews.

Qipeng Guo Polymer Morphology. Principles, Characterization, and Processing

With a focus on structure-property relationships, this book describes how polymer morphology affects properties and how scientists can modify them. The book covers structure development, theory, simulation, and processing; and discusses a broad range of techniques and methods. • Provides an up-to-date, comprehensive introduction to the principles and practices of polymer morphology • Illustrates major structure types, such as semicrystalline morphology, surface-induced polymer crystallization, phase separation, self-assembly, deformation, and surface topography • Covers a variety of polymers, such as homopolymers, block copolymers, polymer thin films, polymer blends, and polymer nanocomposites • Discusses a broad range of advanced and novel techniques and methods, like x-ray diffraction, thermal analysis, and electron microscopy and their applications in the morphology of polymer materials

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A comprehensive and accessible presentation of probability and stochastic processes with emphasis on key theoretical concepts and real-world applications With a sophisticated approach, Probability and Stochastic Processes successfully balances theory and applications in a pedagogical and accessible format. The book’s primary focus is on key theoretical notions in probability to provide a foundation for understanding concepts and examples related to stochastic processes. Organized into two main sections, the book begins by developing probability theory with topical coverage on probability measure; random variables; integration theory; product spaces, conditional distribution, and conditional expectations; and limit theorems. The second part explores stochastic processes and related concepts including the Poisson process, renewal processes, Markov chains, semi-Markov processes, martingales, and Brownian motion. Featuring a logical combination of traditional and complex theories as well as practices, Probability and Stochastic Processes also includes: Multiple examples from disciplines such as business, mathematical finance, and engineering Chapter-by-chapter exercises and examples to allow readers to test their comprehension of the presented material A rigorous treatment of all probability and stochastic processes concepts An appropriate textbook for probability and stochastic processes courses at the upper-undergraduate and graduate level in mathematics, business, and electrical engineering, Probability and Stochastic Processes is also an ideal reference for researchers and practitioners in the fields of mathematics, engineering, and finance.

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Prior David Coarse-Grained Deltas (Special Publication 10 of the IAS)

This Special Publication contains most of the contributions presented at the 1st International Workshop on Fan Deltas (1988) but also contains additional papers which make this particular volume a very well-rounded reference source for the advanced undergraduate/graduate student and the professional earth scientist concerned with sedimentology and petroleum geology. The papers describe the sedimentology and tectonic setting of this important depositional environment. Course-grained deltas, ranging from sand to gravelly, are fully covered and the main focus is on steep-face systems whose steep subaqueous slopes are dominated by high-energy processes. The volume includes case histories from around the world and throughout the book there is emphasis on the subaqueous realm of the delta face, its sedimentary processes and facies associations

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Aronoff Mark What is Morphology?

What is Morphology? is a concise and critical introduction to the central ideas of morphology, which has been revised and expanded to include additional material on morphological productivity and the mental lexicon, experimental and computational methods, and new teaching material. Introduces the fundamental aspects of morphology to students with minimal background in linguistics Includes additional material on morphological productivity and the mental lexicon, and experimental and computational methods Features new and revised exercises as well as suggestions for further reading at the end of each chapter Equips students with the skills to analyze a wide breadth of classic morphological issues through engaging examples Uses cross-linguistic data throughout to illustrate concepts, specifically referencing Kujamaat Joola, a Senegalese language Includes a new answer key, available for instructors online at http://www.wiley.com/go/aronoff

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Lancaster N. Aeolian Sediments. Ancient and Modern (Special Publication 16 of the IAS)

Studies of aeolian sediments, both ancient and modern, have exhibited a number of important conceptual advances in recent years. In particular, there has been a move away from descriptions of sediments, bedforms and sedimentary environments toward a new emphasis on the dynamics of aeolian depositional systems at different temporal and spatial scales, and their response to external changes in sea levels, regional and global climates and tectonics. This Special Publication contains a selection of papers that were presented at the Symposium «Aeolian Sediments: Ancient and Modern» held in 1990. It also includes a number of contributions from authors who were not able to attend the meeting, but whose work reflects important aspects of contemporary research in aeolian sedimentology. State-of-the-art research papers in aeolian sedimentology International, expert authorship Of relevance to modern concerns about global climate change If you are a member of the International Association of Sedimentologists, for purchasing details, please see: http://www.iasnet.org/publications/details.asp?code=SP16

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V.S. Sobolev Petroleum Accumulation Zones on Continental Margins

Much of the world’s petroleum is located on continental margins, and any further development of these offshore deposits would be impossible without new technologies and new methods contained in this volume. Written by some of the world’s foremost authorities on oil and gas, this volume explains for the practicing engineer and the engineering student some of the most important and cutting-edge techniques for developing offshore fields on continental margins.

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Alain Vignes Extractive Metallurgy 2. Metallurgical Reaction Processes

The Extractive Metallurgy series is devoted to the extraction of metals from ores and other sources, their refining to the state of either liquid or solid metal, and the various processes needed to carry out these operations. Using the methodology of chemical reaction engineering, this second volume in the series examines on the metallurgical reaction processes used in the extraction and refining operations, covering pyrometallurgical, hydrometallurgical, halide, and electro-metallurgical processes. It provides valuable information on the technologies and processes engineers encounter in industrial production.

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Eduardo Salas The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of the Psychology Team Working and Collaborative Processes

A state-of-the-art psychological perspective on team working and collaborative organizational processes… This handbook makes a unique contribution to organizational psychology and HRM by providing comprehensive international coverage of the contemporary field of team working and collaborative organizational processes. It provides critical reviews of key topics related to teams including design, diversity, leadership, trust processes and performance measurement, drawing on the work of leading thinkers including Linda Argote, Neal Ashkanasy, Robert Kraut, Floor Rink and Daan van Knippenberg.

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David J. A. Evans Till. A Glacial Process Sedimentology

Provides the first comprehensive review of the current state of the science on tills It is critical that glacial scientists continue to refine their interpretations of ancient archives of subglacial processes, specifically those represented by tills and associated deposits, as they form the most widespread and accessible record of processes at the ice-bed interface. Unfortunately, despite a long history of investigation and a lexicon of process-based nomenclature, glacial sedimentologists have yet to reach a consensus on diagnostic criteria for identifying till genesis in the geological record. What should be called till? Based on the author’s extensive field research, as well as the latest literature on the subject, this book attempts to provide a definitive answer to that question. It critically reviews the global till literature and experimental and laboratory-based assessments of subglacial processes, as well as the theoretical constructs that have emerged from process sedimentology over the past century. Drawing on a wide range of knowledge bases, David Evans develops a more precise, contemporary till nomenclature and new investigatory strategies for understanding a critical aspect of glacial process sedimentology. Provides an in-depth discussion of subglacial sedimentary processes, with an emphasis on the origins of till matrix and terminal grade and the latest observations on till evolution Describes contemporary laboratory and modelling experiments on till evolution and techniques for measuring strain signatures in glacial deposits Develops an updated till nomenclature based on an array of knowledge bases and describes new strategies for field description and analysis of glacial diamictons Written by an internationally recognised expert in the field, this book represents an important step forward in the modern understanding of glacial process sedimentology. As such, Till: A Glacial Process Sedimentology is an indispensable resource for advanced undergraduates and researchers in sedimentology, glacier science and related areas.

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Christopher Moran Crime Scene Management. Specific Methods

Second edition of an established text on common procedures for the identification and processing of evidence at scenes of crime Includes chapters on quality assurance and credibility of practices and processes issues surrounding major and complex crime Forensic handling of mass fatalities Crime scene reconstruction and impact on evidence recovery processes

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Maurice Tucker E. Sedimentary Rocks in the Field. A Practical Guide

This fourth edition builds on the success of previous editions and for the first time is produced in full colour throughout with improved photos and diagrams. It retains its popular pocket size and is an essential buy for all students working in the field. The text shows how sedimentary rocks are tackled in the field and has been written for all those with a geological background. It describes how the features of sedimentary rocks can be recorded in the field particularly through the construction of graphic logs. In succeeding chapters the various sedimentary rock types, textures and structures are discussed and shown how they can be described and measured in the field. There are expanded sections on trace fossils and volcaniclastics along with updated reference list. Finally a concluding section deals briefly with facies identification and points the ways towards facies interpretations, and the identification of sequences and cycles. Key Features: Full colour throughout with improved photos, figures and diagrams in a modern layout. Complete revision and update of best selling textbook which is part of the highly successful Field Guide series. Expanded sections on trace fossils and volcaniclastics along with updated reference list. Handy pocket size with laminated cover. Includes supplementary website with downloadable logging sheets for fieldwork activities.

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Cong Wang Materials Processing Fundamentals

Materials Processing Fundamentals provides researchers and industry professionals with complete guidance on the synthesis, analysis, design, monitoring, and control of metals, materials, and metallurgical processes and phenomena. Along with the fundamentals, it covers modeling of diverse phenomena in processes involving iron, steel, non-ferrous metals, and composites. It also goes on to examine second phase particles in metals, novel sensors for hostile-environment materials processes, online sampling and analysis techniques, and models for real-time process control and quality monitoring systems.

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